Simply Loving: Vol 2

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It’s Friday and summer is here! This month’s Simply Loving round up includes all of my summer faves!

  1. Champagne Stopper – perfect way to keep your bubbly fresh, it’s like uncorking the bottle for the first time!
  2. Sand Spiker Drink Holder – a must have for summer days at the beach. Never have a sandy cup again (insert alleluia emoji!)
  3. Keepsake App – this is a great app for turning all of your photos into beautifully framed prints. I love how I can do it all from my phone!
  4. Pasta Salad Recipe – this easy-to-make, lightweight (no mayo!) pasta salad has been a huge hit this summer. I mean how can you go wrong with an Italian Caprese Pasta Salad?
  5. 4th of July Hot Dog Boats – OMG! This is the cutest thing ever!! Seriously, can’t get enough of this, can’t wait to use them for a festive celebration!
  6. Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station – I prefer to have a place for everything and this organizer is perfect for keeping all my devices in one spot and minimizes the excess wires!
  7. Sun Protection – I mean it’s summer time and we live in Florida… this is a necessity for summer time. This is by far my favorite sun screen for the body and this one is my favorite for my face.
  8. 168 Hours – this is on my summer reading list for sure! Who doesn’t want to learn how to gain more time throughout the day and accomplish all the goals without sacrificing time with family and enjoying the good stuff?!
  9. 10-Minute Workout – I love being able to get in a quick 10-minute workout with these 3 moves (especially when it’s bikini season!)
  10. Yoga on-the-go – I know I’ve talked about this before, but this is great for all the summer travel because you can take yoga classes with you where ever you go. I’ll be using this in Dallas in two weeks!

What items are you loving so far for summer?! Enjoy the weekend and chase the sun!

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Yoga To Go: Making Time for Your Mat

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to struggle getting my workout in, there’s always some excuse: too cold for a morning run, too tired after work or I just don’t feel like working out (even though I know I will feel so much better after I do!) To eliminate the number of excuses I can come up with I often do my workouts first thing in the morning, but every now and then that just doesn’t work and an afternoon workout is the only time available. Earlier this week I attempted to make it to the 5:15 yoga class in San Marco but after sitting in traffic for 30 minutes no more than a few miles away from my house I realized I wasn’t going to make it, so I turned around to head back home. Finding myself sitting in traffic for another 30 minutes just to end up exactly where I began without spending time on my mat was extremely frustrating!! During my ride back home I decided to find a yoga session on YouTube and do my practice there, making time for my mat regardless of the obstacles presented.

I found this 60 Minute Hardcore Yoga (Advanced) video:

It was great, I was able to get my practice in despite life (aka TRAFFIC) getting in the way! This video is a good one to follow for advanced yogis, it was a little different from my normal practice, but it was good to switch it up. Sometimes I think the hardest part of working out or doing yoga at home is knowing what to do (or lack there of). I run into the same problem when I travel, trying to get time on my mat without really knowing what to do. I think this Travel To Go Workshop offered by Power Yoga San Marco is so timely and may be just want I am looking for to help me continue my practice on the go! Details below:

Yoga to Go v2

If you’re around, I hope to see you there! Do you maintain your practice on-the-go? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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Switching it Up with Rock Climbing

Sometimes we just seem to fall into the same old routine, and every now and then we need to change it up! Weather it be our eating, work, or fitness routines occasionally they get old after a while and we need to do something about it to make it exciting again! Well, I am guilty of letting my fitness routine become stale, it has consisted of yoga and running light running for the past year and a half (okay maybe two) and it is time for a facelift.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 8.40.05 AM

Photo courtesy of Edge Rock Gym – she kinda looks like me, but it’s not! 

Last night I changed it up by going to Edge Rock Gym, a rocking climbing facility here in Jax off of Philips and Emerson. It’s amazing, I absolutely love it! Here’s why:

  • It’s a workout without feeling like one.
    • I am always ridiculously sore after rock climbing! And it’s because it truly is a workout, especially for parts of the body that I don’t typically focus on, like my forearms, shoulders, back and oh yeah, my fingers! Today it kinda hurts to write this blog :-/ but don’t worry I’ll stop my whining.
  • Friends don’t let friends climb alone.
    • A group of us get together to climb once a week and it feels like we are hanging out having a good time versus carving out time to go to the gym, yoga or for a run.
  • It’s a constant challenge.
    • Sure, I got the basic auto belay down pat… but try advancing to the next level courses and a new challenge awaits. Or if you’re feeling frisky test the waters with bouldering – this is where all of the hardcore folks hang out. I envy the girls that have been doing this awhile and have mastered the ability to maintain control when bouldering. I seriously suck at bouldering, but I keep going back for more and every time I conquer even the easiest bouldering course I view it as a major win!

Interested in trying it out yet? Check out this video (it’s a little outdated), but it’s a great way to see what they offer. And yes, I am totally jealous of the girl bouldering about a minute into the video. That’s my goal and that’s why I’ll keep going back – to be able to have the control and strength to do that!

If you talk to any of the people who are advanced climbers, they will all tell you that they go two to three times a week and believe me – their back and shoulders says it all!

We always end our rock climbing sessions with 15 minutes of fun aka a quick 15-minute workout to finish it off. Typically these sessions consists of planks, pushups, boat pose, v-ups, bicycles, plank up-downs, crunches, and burpees. Once again, not feeling like a work out because we are just a bunch of friends (did I mention we are all a bit crazy) who are working out and kicking each other’s butts, while having a good time!

I am always looking for new ways to stay active and add to my lacking routine, do you have anything new that you’ve tried that I should add to the list?! Please share!

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