Simply Loving: Vol 2

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It’s Friday and summer is here! This month’s Simply Loving round up includes all of my summer faves!

  1. Champagne Stopper – perfect way to keep your bubbly fresh, it’s like uncorking the bottle for the first time!
  2. Sand Spiker Drink Holder – a must have for summer days at the beach. Never have a sandy cup again (insert alleluia emoji!)
  3. Keepsake App – this is a great app for turning all of your photos into beautifully framed prints. I love how I can do it all from my phone!
  4. Pasta Salad Recipe – this easy-to-make, lightweight (no mayo!) pasta salad has been a huge hit this summer. I mean how can you go wrong with an Italian Caprese Pasta Salad?
  5. 4th of July Hot Dog Boats – OMG! This is the cutest thing ever!! Seriously, can’t get enough of this, can’t wait to use them for a festive celebration!
  6. Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station – I prefer to have a place for everything and this organizer is perfect for keeping all my devices in one spot and minimizes the excess wires!
  7. Sun Protection – I mean it’s summer time and we live in Florida… this is a necessity for summer time. This is by far my favorite sun screen for the body and this one is my favorite for my face.
  8. 168 Hours – this is on my summer reading list for sure! Who doesn’t want to learn how to gain more time throughout the day and accomplish all the goals without sacrificing time with family and enjoying the good stuff?!
  9. 10-Minute Workout – I love being able to get in a quick 10-minute workout with these 3 moves (especially when it’s bikini season!)
  10. Yoga on-the-go – I know I’ve talked about this before, but this is great for all the summer travel because you can take yoga classes with you where ever you go. I’ll be using this in Dallas in two weeks!

What items are you loving so far for summer?! Enjoy the weekend and chase the sun!

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House Hunting: Free Printable

Home Search Binder Template

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you already know Michael and I have begun the search for a home! And, if you’ve read my last post about fitness apps, you also know house hunting is taking up all of our free time. Although it can be a little overwhelming searching for a house, we’re trying to stay as organized as possible throughout the process. We narrowed down the location of where we want to be, but the possibilities are endless and the list of homes to look at are never ending. So, in our attempt to stay organized we put together a potential home check list to help us identify all of the pros and cons to a specific house. We also put together a new home search binder to keep all of the papers and information in one location.

In addition to our realtor and these printables, we’ve been using to check listings around us while we’re out and about. We spent the day driving through specific areas to get a better feel of potential neighborhoods, now we’re off to continue the conversation and narrow down our selection.

Download Free Printable

Do you have any tips for staying organized while house hunting? I’d love to hear how you kept or are keeping organized!

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Home Filing System

My friends call me a neat freak, OCD, even obsessed and you know what, they’re right! I’m totally obsessed with having everything in it’s place, staying organized and being a so called “neat freak”.

About a year ago Michael moved in and that meant all of his stuff came with him… into our two bed two bath condo. After he sold his condo he got rid of most of his stuff by selling it, giving it away and tossing it, but I still felt like he had a lot of stuff, especially paper stuff!

He had folders, I had folders, we had countless stacks of paper and they ended up in a pile on the floor in the second bedroom. After we got the big stuff squared away, the daunting task of going through all of the files was looming. I wanted all the paper stuff in it’s place, but why couldn’t I just crinkle my nose like I Dream of Jeannie and be done with it?

After many weekends of looking the other way I finally sat down one Saturday morning and started getting rid of what we didn’t need, keeping what we did and some how coming up with an organized system we would both be happy with.

File Organization

The Color and Tab Coordinated System

After spending some time looking at what we had and doing some research online to find a structure I liked, I decided to move forward with a color and tab coordinated system. It is broken up into four sections: financial, insurance/vehicles, personal and home. Each of these four categories are color coded by the hanging tab labels, within these categories it is broken down into subcategories, these are the bullet points listed under each section below. Then in each hanging folder I added detailed manilla folders customized to fit our needs that filed away all of the paper.

  1. Financial – green label for hanging folders and left-hand tab manilla folders
    • Banking
    • Credit Cards
    • Mortgage
    • Taxes
    • Employment
    • Utilities
    • Medical Bills
    • Auto
    • Investments
    • Wills/Estates
  2. Insurance/Vehicles – blue label for hanging folders and left-hand tab manilla folders
    • Insurance
    • Vehicles
  3. Personal – yellow label for handing folders and center tab manilla folders
    • Personal (add a folder for each member of your household – even your pets!)
    • Medical Records
    • Church
    • Travel/Vacations
  4. Home – red label for hanging folders and right-hand tab manilla folders
    • Decorating Ideas
    • HOA
    • Booklets
    • Repairs

If you’re looking to setup your system like this, click here to download a printable sheet for the hanging folder tabs. Once you have this setup, figure out what items need to be added in the manilla folders and use the Avery File Folder Labels template.

File Organization 3

File Organization 4

File Organization 5

One of my favorite things about this filing structure is the way the folders are coordinated with each section, it truly makes it easy to navigate and quickly find or file away information.

  • Financial – green labels, left hanging tabs, left tab manilla folders
  • Insurance/Vehicles – blue labels, left hanging tabs (I moved them over one notch to make it easy to see), left tab manilla folders
  • Personal – yellow labels, center hanging tabs, center tab manilla folders
  • Home – red labels, right hanging tabs, right tab manilla folder

Most other filing systems that I have tried aren’t color and tab coordinated to keep the different categories distinct, I think this is why I love this method so much! Try it out and let me know what you think – happy organizing!

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