Classic Travel Tote

Travel Outfit

A classic tote is a staple and can go a long way in your wardrobe. A camel colored leather tote is a versatile piece you just can’t go wrong with! It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, it’s a perfect fit.

Briefcase Shop the look: Coach Metropolitan Commuter Laptop Bag

This classic executive tote is my go-to piece for traveling. It has many compartments to keep all my on-the-go essentials organized and in their place. There’s plenty of room to carry a laptop and tablet device with all of the cords, wireless mouse, notebooks and pens a girl can carry. I receive many compliments on this little beauty, but most don’t realize I’m carrying a little secret with me everywhere I go… this tote is actually a men’s laptop briefcase… I know, I know, you would have never guessed!

But shhh… I won’t tell if you promise not to.

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