Geo-Stripe Print Shorts

I’m ready for summer days at the beach club, sipping mimosas and catching some rays. These geo-stripe printed shorts are my new go-to for the summer season.

Sianne - About ImageExpress Shorts 2Express Shorts 3Express Shorts 4

Shorts: Express  //  Top: Old LC Lauren Conrad, similar one here  //  Sandals: DSW  //  Hat: Target  //  Sunglasses: Ray Ban  //  Beach Bag: Bulls Eye Section at Target

Do you have any fun plans for the summer? We’re considering a quick weekend trip to Bimini and these shorts will definitely be on the packing list!

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Welcome Home Gift Basket

What better way to say congrats “on your new place” than with a welcome home gift basket filled with all the essentials for moving day?! It’s the perfect gift for someone who just closed on their house! 

Welcome Home Gift Basket 4

Back in March we closed on #ourfirsthome, (you can read more about it here and here) and my parents congratulated us with adorable welcome home gift baskets complete with items from toilet paper, cleaning supplies and gloves to champagne and lots of yummy prosciutto. It seriously had everything  we needed for the first few days in our new place!

Our parents spoiled us and greeted us with three different types of welcome baskets, one for food, one for cleaning, and one for drinks/plastic-ware. To recreate these very thoughtful gift baskets, you’ll need the following items:

Welcome Home Gift Basket 14

Beverage Tub Gift Basket

  • Beverage tub (similar one here)
  • Paper towels
  • Chips
  • Dip
  • Snacks (like granola bars, cookies and other goodies!)
  • Plastic wine cups
  • Regular plastic cups
  • Fruit platter
  • Proscutto

Welcome Home Gift Basket 7

Utensil Caddy Gift Basket

  • Tin caddy (similar one here)
  • Champagne
  • Paper plates
  • Plastic ware and napkins

Welcome home gift basket 16.jpg

Canvas Storage Bin Gift Basket 

  • Canvas Storage Bin (similar one here)
  • Plastic gloves
  • Bleach
  • Windex
  • Dish soap
  • Bar keeper
  • Toilet paper
  • Mold and mildew cleaner
  • Hand soap

Mike and I loved having these helpful items around when we first moved in, it was one less thing to worry about and allowed us to waste no time on demo day 🙂

What would you add to the list of items? Anything I am missing from your experience of moving into a new house? Share them in the comments below!

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Trend Alert: The Bold Brow

bold brow

One of 2016’s beauty trend predictions included a bold, boyish, au natural brow – we saw it on the runway, in magazines, and for those bold enough to wear it, we saw it on the streets. This natural brow definitely makes a statement and provides a bold look. But, if you’re a little less bold and a lot more like me, a tamed down version of this boyish trend is the way to go! Check out these helpful tips from my go-to brow stylist, Amy from the European Wax Center.

Amy keeps my brows on-point and has shared a few tips and tricks to help me achieve a perfect, bold brow on my own.

Before you accentuate your eyebrows and call more attention to them, make sure they are perfectly shaped. This is something I don’t ever touch – I leave it all to my professional go-to gal. But, if this is something you do on your own, Amy shared a few tips on making sure you achieve brow-fection.

bold brow closeup

Tips for Shaping Your Brow

  • Boyish Trim – To achieve the boyish eyebrow look without going overboard, Amy suggests trimming your brows slightly to keep them tamed, but avoiding the overly manicured look
  • Finding Your Natural Arch – Amy says the best way to ensure your eyebrows look their best is to let your face be the guide in shaping your eyebrows
    • Locate Your Starting Point: Take your tweezer and flip it around, so the open end is facing down. Align the tweezer to the outside of your nostril, with the top of the tweezers resting close to your eyebrows. The vertical line the tweezer makes will identify the starting point for your eyebrow
    • Mark Your End Points: Using your tweezer facing down again, move it diagonally across your face until it reaches the outside corner of your eye, this spot where the tweezer intersects your eyebrow identifies the ending point for your eyebrow
    • Shape Your Arch: Looking straight into the mirror, the arch should be at its highest point just above the outer rim of your iris. From there, you should follow a slight arch to remove a row of hairs from your arch to shape the tail

How to Achieve a Bold Brow

Using the Browfection Brow Powder Duo, we’re able to easily achieve this look. Amy shares her pro tips for you to be able to do this yourself:

  1. Once you’ve applied some powder to the angled side of the dual-ended brow brush, start the application of the powder at the arch in your brow. Be sure to start right in the middle of your brow line and work your way out. This was a game changer for me – I was starting from the outside of my brow – yikes!
  2. After you’ve started applying the powder in the middle of your arch, pull down to the tail, staying in the center of your hairline. The tail should be lighter than the arch and the arch should be the darkest point in your eyebrow.
  3. To finish the tail, reapply powder to your brush and start at the bottom of your hairline at the arch (instead of in the center of your hairline, which is where you originally started) and work outward to the end of the brow.
  4. Remembering to start in the center of your hairline, fill in the rest of your eyebrow lighting making sure not to go to heavy at the starting point of your brow.

Starting from the center makes the arch the focal point and allows the eyebrow to feather out from there, giving this bold look a more natural feel.


What do you think of this bold trend? Yay or nay?

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Etsy Shop is now LIVE!

Remember that time a while back when I put my 2016 goals out there to help keep me accountable? And then a few months later, I did a sneak peek and announced that the Etsy shop was coming soon? Well, I’m so excited to say that TODAY is the day the Etsy shop is live!!!! Gahh! That feels so good and I am so excited! This is something that has been in the works for a long time and has been in my heart for so much longer.

I have a few things up and ready to go with the launch of the new shop, from wedding and bridal shower invitations to hand-lettered prints. I’ve been hard at work, working on other products to add to the shop, but more details of those products to come soon 🙂

SS Shop Widget Image

For now, go check out the shop and let me know what you think, what can I add, what am I missing, what do you want to see in the future?!

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Simply Loving: Vol I

Romber  with Header

Happy Friday friends!

I am excited to start a new monthly series, sharing my simple finds I am currently loving. These finds will range from new simple recipes to the latest Pandora station I can’t get enough of. So, without further ado, these are a few things I am simply loving right now.

  1. Tropical House Pandora Station: This uplifting, relaxing sub-genre of deep house, dance music, provides the perfect tempo for getting work done, relaxing with friends or cleaning the house. I seriously can’t get enough of this station. And those that I share it with tell me the same!
  2. Kate Spade, All in Good Taste Book: This is the quintessential hostess book filled with how-tos, recipes, and helpful tips for the modern hostess. Perfect as a gift to your bestie or to keep for yourself, you can’t go wrong with Kate.
  3. Bellwethers Font: This fun, modern calligraphy design is the perfect carefree elegant font! I love how it truly looks like a handwritten font and has tons of options with additional swashes. Oh, and it’s only $15!
  4. Rompers: I am loving the simplicity of a romper, and I am totally loving this one right now.
  5. Acai Energy Bowls: Need I say more? This nutritious, superfood smoothie and fruit bowl combination is amazingly delicious and is a good source of energy! Top with your choice of fruit, you really can’t go wrong. My fave combo is bananas, strawberries, granola, coconut and honey… so good!
  6. Home Decor Inspiration: We still have A LOT to do with the house and Pinterest has been my go-to for inspiration lately, I’m simply loving all of the inspiration.
  7. Kate Spade Navy Watch: Seriously crushing on this adorable watch from Kate Spade, it’s perfect for summer!
  8. Calmness of Blue Art Canvas: This is going to look perfect in our dinning room!
  9. Bikini Season: I am ready for longer days and shorter nights and warm summer days by the beach! These bathing suits from Ola Feroz seem amazing! The fabric, the cut and styles are unlike any other bathing suits I’ve tried on. This is a must-have for the summer season!
  10. Beef with Broccoli: We had girls night in earlier this week and we made this yummy beef with broccoli recipe! It was an easy, quick meal perfect for girls night in – because when you’re drinking wine and sharing stories with the gals, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in the kitchen!

Well, this gal is ready for the weekend, hope you have a fantastic one as well!

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