Cleaning Out My Closet – Fall De-Cluttering

Although it doesn’t really feel like fall here in Florida, it is definitely upon us. Scarfs are making their debut, even when it is 80 degrees outside – yes, I am guilty of this! Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are all we see on our Facebook feed, apple picking and corn mazes also seem to flood the newsfeed this time of year, and well the fact that Halloween is today, is a clear indication that fall has arrived. But somehow we are already halfway through the season as tomorrow starts the first day of November. I may be a bit later than usual, but this time of the year calls for cleaning out the closet.

Most people associate spring as the season to deep clean and get into every nook and cranny, but fall is another season I like to deep clean. From cleaning out my closet, to transitioning the décor around the house, the change of seasons and the cooler air calls for a seasonal de-clutter. Cynthia Ewer author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Organized states “A closet de-clutter is more a ritual celebration of the change of seasons. It’s a time for reflection, a time to cut the clutter.”

On my long list of to-do’s, cleaning out my closet was one I kept skipping over. Yes, it may be time consuming and tedious, but the end result allows you to be prepared for the new season ahead. To simplify this process, I followed these easy steps to tackle the mess that was my closet:

Set Aside Time

It took me an entire day. I thought I would be able to power through and get other items on my to-do list crossed off, but it took me longer than I anticipated. So don’t underestimate the amount of time this will take!

Grab Some Bags

I had three large garbage bags filled, one for trash and two for donating. Make sure you have plenty of bags nearby.

Remove Everything

I keep everything on the hangers and move it to my bed and out of the closet. I use the floor for the trash and donate piles, as well as shoes and accessories.

Make Piles

This is where I use the 1-year rule; if I haven’t worn it in a year it is time to donate it. If it has holes and is overly worn (meaning there is no salvaging it) I toss it. If it needs to be taken into a seamstress to fix a button, hole, etc. I move that to a different pile.

Fall Cleaning - Piles

Dust, Vacuum or Sweep!

This is a perfect opportunity to get back into the crevasses of your closet and vacuum, dust or sweep! I also like to take this time to wipe down my baseboards.

Hang Everything Back Up

This is where my OCD kicks in. I like to hang my clothes by type and color. I even like to organize my shoes in the same manner.

Fall Cleaning - Closet 7  Fall Cleaning - Closet 2

While cleaning my closet I also went through all of my drawers to keep them clutter free and rotate any seasonal clothes. I wanted to share the facelift I gave my closet a couple of years ago and how I maximized the space, but more on that next time!

Happy Organizing!

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Planning Ahead: 2015 Weekly Planner

 2015 Planner - 9

I am beyond excited to share this little gem with you! I finally finished next year’s planner and boy am I in love!

For the past three years I have been designing, printing and making my own daily/weekly planner, but none have been quite as perfect as the one for next year! I may be a little old-fashioned but there’s just something about being able to touch, hold and write in a daily planner. And this isn’t just any planner, it’s one that I have been fine-tuning to best suit my needs for the past couple of years. Creating my own planner wasn’t something I just decided to do one day, it was Michael who encouraged me to create my own after finding me sitting on the floor of Staples scouring through all of their planners, unhappy with what was in front of me. His response to this ridiculous scene was “why don’t you just create it yourself” and that’s when we immediately left and I hurried home to begin designing!

I really took this year’s planner to the next level, I mean I seriously get giddy every time I pick it up : ) To me, it feels like perfection, but don’t take my word for it…


2015 Planner - 1

Hardcover with gold foil polka dots – oh my!

2015 Planner - 8

Front cover pocket for little notes and loose papers.

2015 Planner - 6

Birthday cards will not be forgotten this year with a place to write them out for the upcoming month!

2015 Planner - 3

Monthly view with inspirational quotes to keep me going!

2015 Planner - 4

And weekly view broken out into “Morning” “Day” and “Night” to keep my days and to-do’s structured!

2015 Planner - 10

I just can’t handle all of the prettiness that is my planner!

What do you think? Are you a fan of a writing out your life in a planner or are you keeping up with times and using technology to stay organized? Share how you keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly to-dos!

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Laundry Room Makeover

It is amazing how a little refresh can make such a big difference in a space and in turn make me so happy. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am with the results of this simple project! Mike and I recently tackled the laundry room and I am in love with the outcome! Seriously, I smile every time I walk in there now, I’m sure you can see why…

LRM Before and After

Unlike most of the Pinterest posts with gorgeous, large, naturally lit laundry rooms, ours is in the back corner of the condo, off of the kitchen with no natural light. Lacking this light, airy feel with a space for large countertops, our laundry room is shared room with the pantry. I’d love to have that picture perfect Pinterest laundry room with large windows and floral arrangements just sitting on unused counter space, but we’re just not there yet and who knows when we will get lucky enough to make it to Pinterst status!? I actually think our laundry room is a pretty decent size for being in a condo, but it was started to feel dingy, lifeless and in need of an update. The appliances have been there since I moved in 7 years ago and who knows how long before that, so I was beginning to get that itch to spruce up the space…

New Appliances

Since I could no longer keep my feelings at bay about the laundry room, we decided to get the Samsung top load washer and dryer. And yes, it is amazing! It sings to me when it is done with the cycle, it doesn’t have the annoying post in the middle of the machine and it is huge! I can wash my comforters in the machine with ease and drying only takes one cycle versus two or three – it is perfect!


A Splash of Paint

Before the new appliances arrived, we painted the dingy space with the same color we updated the rest of the house with, Valspar’s Homestead Resort Parlor Taupe. After we started painting the space we realized the ceiling was painted the same color as the walls, a yellowish beige, no wonder it felt dingy in there! So of course we painted the ceiling white. We also decided to do an accent wall with Valspar’s Aspen gray, to break up the space.


Updated Storage Space

We were very fortunate to receive the upper cabinets from Mike’s parents who had them sitting in the garage. They were originally a cherry wood with no inserts in the doors as it was meant for glass to showcase china or drinking glasses. We wanted to lighten up the space as much as possible, so we decided to paint them white and added white painted plywood to the doors to finish them off. Replacing our open storage space to a cleaner more ascetically pleasing solution.

2014-03-03 18.03.16


The Little Details

After playing around with the configuration of the two cabinets we decided to put them each in a corner and add two open shelves between the cabinets. These open shelves are a great place for the little details. The items shown on the shelves are listed below:

  • Glass jar for oxi clean found at Home Goods
  • Turquoise tray for dryer sheets found at Target
  • “Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat” picture can be downloaded here
  • Frame was an old one laying around the house that I spray painted silver


Like I said, I am really happy with the outcome of this simple project! What do you think? Have you recently done some simple updates that made a world of a difference?

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Home Filing System

My friends call me a neat freak, OCD, even obsessed and you know what, they’re right! I’m totally obsessed with having everything in it’s place, staying organized and being a so called “neat freak”.

About a year ago Michael moved in and that meant all of his stuff came with him… into our two bed two bath condo. After he sold his condo he got rid of most of his stuff by selling it, giving it away and tossing it, but I still felt like he had a lot of stuff, especially paper stuff!

He had folders, I had folders, we had countless stacks of paper and they ended up in a pile on the floor in the second bedroom. After we got the big stuff squared away, the daunting task of going through all of the files was looming. I wanted all the paper stuff in it’s place, but why couldn’t I just crinkle my nose like I Dream of Jeannie and be done with it?

After many weekends of looking the other way I finally sat down one Saturday morning and started getting rid of what we didn’t need, keeping what we did and some how coming up with an organized system we would both be happy with.

File Organization

The Color and Tab Coordinated System

After spending some time looking at what we had and doing some research online to find a structure I liked, I decided to move forward with a color and tab coordinated system. It is broken up into four sections: financial, insurance/vehicles, personal and home. Each of these four categories are color coded by the hanging tab labels, within these categories it is broken down into subcategories, these are the bullet points listed under each section below. Then in each hanging folder I added detailed manilla folders customized to fit our needs that filed away all of the paper.

  1. Financial – green label for hanging folders and left-hand tab manilla folders
    • Banking
    • Credit Cards
    • Mortgage
    • Taxes
    • Employment
    • Utilities
    • Medical Bills
    • Auto
    • Investments
    • Wills/Estates
  2. Insurance/Vehicles – blue label for hanging folders and left-hand tab manilla folders
    • Insurance
    • Vehicles
  3. Personal – yellow label for handing folders and center tab manilla folders
    • Personal (add a folder for each member of your household – even your pets!)
    • Medical Records
    • Church
    • Travel/Vacations
  4. Home – red label for hanging folders and right-hand tab manilla folders
    • Decorating Ideas
    • HOA
    • Booklets
    • Repairs

If you’re looking to setup your system like this, click here to download a printable sheet for the hanging folder tabs. Once you have this setup, figure out what items need to be added in the manilla folders and use the Avery File Folder Labels template.

File Organization 3

File Organization 4

File Organization 5

One of my favorite things about this filing structure is the way the folders are coordinated with each section, it truly makes it easy to navigate and quickly find or file away information.

  • Financial – green labels, left hanging tabs, left tab manilla folders
  • Insurance/Vehicles – blue labels, left hanging tabs (I moved them over one notch to make it easy to see), left tab manilla folders
  • Personal – yellow labels, center hanging tabs, center tab manilla folders
  • Home – red labels, right hanging tabs, right tab manilla folder

Most other filing systems that I have tried aren’t color and tab coordinated to keep the different categories distinct, I think this is why I love this method so much! Try it out and let me know what you think – happy organizing!

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