Our First Home!

Last week, Mike and I closed on our first home!!! We were so excited leading up to it, we woke up at 4am on closing day :0

Once we got into our new home we were so anxious to get started. We ended up ripping up the carpet, tearing down a wall, and began scrubbing the place clean, all within two hours of being in the new house!

The past four days have been a whirlwind. We’ve been hard at work redesigning the space to make it our own. Between the two of us, we are designing and handling most of the renovation ourselves, with a little help from our friends and family. After four days straight of tackling every. single. part of the house, my entire body hurts, but it is totally worth it! I can’t wait to share some of the progress photos with you.

Here’s a little peek into our inspiration:

Mood Board Inspiration

Our goal is to create a cool neutral palette throughout the entire house. We want the soft, airy look with touches of warm tones to keep it comfy and inviting.

Although the house was in decent shape, there’s something in almost every room we want to change. So, we are tackling a lot the big messy projects the first month, but will be completing our house in phases so we don’t break the bank 😉

I’ll be sharing our progress photos and what we are doing room by room each week! To see more of our inspiration check out our kitchen, dining room and master bath Pinterest boards to see what we’re planning!

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Wedding Menu Cards + Free Fonts

A couple weeks ago my future sister-in-law got married! I had the honor of designing menu, table and place cards for her big day. With the beach as a backdrop to their wedding in Palm Coast, Florida and blue/green colors as their accent, a watercolor theme for the paper goods seemed like the perfect fit! To really make these little beauties work, I paired a fun script with a serif font to balance the design. There’s so many great fonts out there, especially for weddings, but some feel a little overplayed, that’s why I loved this combo so much, it was something I haven’t seen before!

 Wedding Menu Cards

Scriptina Pro | Janda Celebration Script | AlexandriaFLF | Bombshell Pro

I hope you enjoy these fonts as much as I do! Happy Sunday!

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Guest Bathroom: DIY Mirror Frame

Guest Bath Final 3

Do you ever wake up and decide you just can’t take the way a rooms looks anymore? And when you get this feeling, you cannot wait another minute, you must do something about it right now at this very moment? Maybe I am the only one… but, this recently happened to me with the guest bathroom. I got to the point where I felt like something drastic needed to happen, this room needed a facelift and I was ready to give it one. This poor excuse for a guest bath has been the dumbing ground for old shower curtains, ugly standard hardware and boring paint colors, it was lacking life and personality.

Mike and I decided to give it some love and do a few updates to bring this guest bathroom back to life. We gave it fresh coat of paint, a new shower curtain and rod, upgraded hardware and built a custom frame to finish the mirror. It truly is amazing how a few little changes can make such a huge impact.

towel holder(Hardware Shown Above: Delta Amaya Collection)

Changing out the shower curtain, hardware and painting the space was all very easy and basic, but if you are looking to provide a cost-effective solution to finishing off an exposed mirror I’d highly recommend doing what we did, here’s how:

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror:

1. Decide on the molding style – it took us a while to figure out which style we liked best and which one we wanted to move forward with, but we finally found the perfect style at Lowes.

2. Measure the mirror and determine how you want the molding to sit – we decided to hang it off the edge of the mirror on three sides, where there was space to adhere it to the wall.

before with paint 2

3. Cut the pieces with 45 degree angles – this gives it a clean seamless transition. framed mirror with tape 2(I forgot to take pictures while we were cutting, but you can see the finished look a 45 degree angle cut provides)

4. Adhere it to the wall/mirror – for the areas were only part of the mirror was covered we nailed it to the drywall. For the bottom piece that was completely adhered to the mirror, we used Liquid Nails, it works similar to caulk.

framed mirror close up

5. Fill in the holes and tape the edges – take some wood filler and fill in the nail holes, let it sit for a while and then sand it down. I sanded the entire frame, because I wanted to ensure it was smooth and didn’t have any rough areas.

frame mirror with tape

6. Prime and paint it – once I finished sanding it, I wiped it down with a wet rag, and began priming the frame. I only did one coat, but went back over the molding with a light sand paper. I did two coats of white high gloss paint and sanded it between coats to give a nice smooth finish.

primed mirror

7. Caulk the inside – once we pulled the tape off, there were a few edges that were a little rough and needed to be taken off with a razor. Since it was a little jagged and I wanted a cleaner finish, we took white caulk and beaded the inside line around  the mirror.

first coat

It’s amazing how these simple and cost-effective updates made a huge impact to the guest bathroom. I am so much happier now!

Before: guest bath before

After:Guest Bath Final 2 Bathroom Paint Color: Behr Ocean Pearl  Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.43.35 AM

Until the next itch to randomly paint and update a room, Happy Tuesday!

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Sneak Peek: The Wedding Invitation

Mike and I are celebrating two milestones this month, 7 years together and a year of being engaged! However, we are still 7 months away from walking down the aisle and saying “I do”. Since I am doing very well with all of my wedding to-do’s I turned my focus to wedding invitations. Oh and how I love invitations… the paper, fonts and pretty little details have me all giddy inside! I could spend hours just flipping through the books and admiring the different styles, and if you ask my Maid Of Honor, she will tell you we did just that (although for her it was probably torture). As we sat there in the studio and looked at the various styles I noticed I liked a piece from different designs, after leaving I wasn’t sure which one I really wanted to move forward with. I thought about it a bit longer and decided I could design them myself. I mean I’ve designed invites for baby showers, graduations, anniversary parties and much more, why couldn’t I design it for my wedding?!

And I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am with this decision – I spent all day on Sunday designing, cutting, redesigning and mocking up our wedding invite! My desk was a complete and utter disaster! I had trim paper everywhere, multiple scissors and cutting boards laying around, various papers, glue tape and everything else just crowding my work surface. My OCD tendencies were going crazy, but the designer in me loved it all. By Sunday afternoon I had crafted a complete draft of the wedding invitation. Like I said, it’s a mockup, so I am going to order the actual colored paper for the backing versus using a printed color, but I think it does a great job of showing what the final design will look like, here’s a sneak peak:

photo 6

What do you think? Did you design your wedding invites or were you happy to order them and have someone else design them?

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Home Filing System

My friends call me a neat freak, OCD, even obsessed and you know what, they’re right! I’m totally obsessed with having everything in it’s place, staying organized and being a so called “neat freak”.

About a year ago Michael moved in and that meant all of his stuff came with him… into our two bed two bath condo. After he sold his condo he got rid of most of his stuff by selling it, giving it away and tossing it, but I still felt like he had a lot of stuff, especially paper stuff!

He had folders, I had folders, we had countless stacks of paper and they ended up in a pile on the floor in the second bedroom. After we got the big stuff squared away, the daunting task of going through all of the files was looming. I wanted all the paper stuff in it’s place, but why couldn’t I just crinkle my nose like I Dream of Jeannie and be done with it?

After many weekends of looking the other way I finally sat down one Saturday morning and started getting rid of what we didn’t need, keeping what we did and some how coming up with an organized system we would both be happy with.

File Organization

The Color and Tab Coordinated System

After spending some time looking at what we had and doing some research online to find a structure I liked, I decided to move forward with a color and tab coordinated system. It is broken up into four sections: financial, insurance/vehicles, personal and home. Each of these four categories are color coded by the hanging tab labels, within these categories it is broken down into subcategories, these are the bullet points listed under each section below. Then in each hanging folder I added detailed manilla folders customized to fit our needs that filed away all of the paper.

  1. Financial – green label for hanging folders and left-hand tab manilla folders
    • Banking
    • Credit Cards
    • Mortgage
    • Taxes
    • Employment
    • Utilities
    • Medical Bills
    • Auto
    • Investments
    • Wills/Estates
  2. Insurance/Vehicles – blue label for hanging folders and left-hand tab manilla folders
    • Insurance
    • Vehicles
  3. Personal – yellow label for handing folders and center tab manilla folders
    • Personal (add a folder for each member of your household – even your pets!)
    • Medical Records
    • Church
    • Travel/Vacations
  4. Home – red label for hanging folders and right-hand tab manilla folders
    • Decorating Ideas
    • HOA
    • Booklets
    • Repairs

If you’re looking to setup your system like this, click here to download a printable sheet for the hanging folder tabs. Once you have this setup, figure out what items need to be added in the manilla folders and use the Avery File Folder Labels template.

File Organization 3

File Organization 4

File Organization 5

One of my favorite things about this filing structure is the way the folders are coordinated with each section, it truly makes it easy to navigate and quickly find or file away information.

  • Financial – green labels, left hanging tabs, left tab manilla folders
  • Insurance/Vehicles – blue labels, left hanging tabs (I moved them over one notch to make it easy to see), left tab manilla folders
  • Personal – yellow labels, center hanging tabs, center tab manilla folders
  • Home – red labels, right hanging tabs, right tab manilla folder

Most other filing systems that I have tried aren’t color and tab coordinated to keep the different categories distinct, I think this is why I love this method so much! Try it out and let me know what you think – happy organizing!

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