Trend Alert: The Bold Brow

bold brow

One of 2016’s beauty trend predictions included a bold, boyish, au natural brow – we saw it on the runway, in magazines, and for those bold enough to wear it, we saw it on the streets. This natural brow definitely makes a statement and provides a bold look. But, if you’re a little less bold and a lot more like me, a tamed down version of this boyish trend is the way to go! Check out these helpful tips from my go-to brow stylist, Amy from the European Wax Center.

Amy keeps my brows on-point and has shared a few tips and tricks to help me achieve a perfect, bold brow on my own.

Before you accentuate your eyebrows and call more attention to them, make sure they are perfectly shaped. This is something I don’t ever touch – I leave it all to my professional go-to gal. But, if this is something you do on your own, Amy shared a few tips on making sure you achieve brow-fection.

bold brow closeup

Tips for Shaping Your Brow

  • Boyish Trim – To achieve the boyish eyebrow look without going overboard, Amy suggests trimming your brows slightly to keep them tamed, but avoiding the overly manicured look
  • Finding Your Natural Arch – Amy says the best way to ensure your eyebrows look their best is to let your face be the guide in shaping your eyebrows
    • Locate Your Starting Point: Take your tweezer and flip it around, so the open end is facing down. Align the tweezer to the outside of your nostril, with the top of the tweezers resting close to your eyebrows. The vertical line the tweezer makes will identify the starting point for your eyebrow
    • Mark Your End Points: Using your tweezer facing down again, move it diagonally across your face until it reaches the outside corner of your eye, this spot where the tweezer intersects your eyebrow identifies the ending point for your eyebrow
    • Shape Your Arch: Looking straight into the mirror, the arch should be at its highest point just above the outer rim of your iris. From there, you should follow a slight arch to remove a row of hairs from your arch to shape the tail

How to Achieve a Bold Brow

Using the Browfection Brow Powder Duo, we’re able to easily achieve this look. Amy shares her pro tips for you to be able to do this yourself:

  1. Once you’ve applied some powder to the angled side of the dual-ended brow brush, start the application of the powder at the arch in your brow. Be sure to start right in the middle of your brow line and work your way out. This was a game changer for me – I was starting from the outside of my brow – yikes!
  2. After you’ve started applying the powder in the middle of your arch, pull down to the tail, staying in the center of your hairline. The tail should be lighter than the arch and the arch should be the darkest point in your eyebrow.
  3. To finish the tail, reapply powder to your brush and start at the bottom of your hairline at the arch (instead of in the center of your hairline, which is where you originally started) and work outward to the end of the brow.
  4. Remembering to start in the center of your hairline, fill in the rest of your eyebrow lighting making sure not to go to heavy at the starting point of your brow.

Starting from the center makes the arch the focal point and allows the eyebrow to feather out from there, giving this bold look a more natural feel.


What do you think of this bold trend? Yay or nay?

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Top 5 Workout Items

I am just getting back into my workout routine… aka I am really sore and can barely move, thanks Brandon for yesterday’s workout! But, getting back into the swing of things has me thinking about my next workout and how much I used to love it.

So, in the spirit of having fitness on the brain, I’m sharing my top 5 workout items that I can’t live without!

top 5 workout items.jpg

  1. Beats Wireless Headphones – total wishlist item, but having music while I workout is a total must-have and having a good sound system for that music is high on my list. My favorite Pandora station to jam out to while working out is Swedish House Mafia, I mean that upbeat tempo doe!
  2. Mizuno Running Shoes – I’m in desperate need of a new pair, but Mizunos’ have been my running shoe since college! If you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes, I highly recommend going to your local running store where they fit you based on your needs. If you’ve never been to a specialized running shoe store, go check it out! They watch you run, measure the arch in your foot and provide a recommendation based on your foot strike. Locally, I really like Fit2Run in Boca Raton, FL. If you’re in Jax, check out my friends at JRC.
  3. Yoga Mat – My yoga mat is a must at all times. It’s perfect for stretching and strengthening, it is also perfect for those who prefer HIT and body-bearing workouts over the machines. But if I am being completely honest, I am totally eyeing Lululemon’s The Mat yoga mat – I’ve only heard great things!
  4. My Gym Bag – umm, need I say more. I love this Nike duffle gym bag. It has a compartment for EVERYTHING.
  5. Trigger Point Foam Roller – I cannot say enough good things about my foam roller. It is my life saver! If you do not have a roller, go out, right now, don’t walk, RUN to your nearest running store and add this to your arsenal of workout gear! I promise you won’t regret it.

Aside from loving these must-have items for working out, my top 3 apps to help you stick to your goals, can be found here.

What workout gear is top on your list? Share in the comments below! 

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Beauty Picks: Best Drug Store Mascara

Drugstore Mascara

When it comes to my makeup,  there’s two things I can never (I mean never) go without. Mascara and moisturizer!

It’s amazing how different I look without mascara :O I very rarely leave the house without it. Although mascara is an absolute must-have for me, I don’t like to spend a ton of money on it, because it is something I go through rather quickly. Instead, I’ve got my top 5 drugstore mascaras, all under $10!

Top 5 Drugstore Mascara Picks


This one has been my go-to for a long time now, it’s perfect for daily use because of the softness it provides. This natural looking mascara is what I wear on the reg and I just can’t get enough!


When I want to make a statement, I go for this mascara. The fine brush to apply the mascara makes my non-existent lashes a showstopper, perfect for a night on the town!


This is very similar to the Maybelline Full ‘n Soft mascara, which makes it a close second to my everyday pick. The plush applicator makes it perfect for providing a soft, natural look and eliminates clumping.


If you want high impact and minimal cost, this is a great mascara! This is also great if you want to achieve jet black eyelashes, because the color of this mascara is the darkest I have found.


This is a really cool mascara – I love the two step approach! Step one really allows you to condition and add a base coat to your lashes, creating fuller, longer lashes once you move to step two.

What do you think? Do any of these make your top 5 drugstore mascara picks? If not, tell me which mascara brands are your favorite!

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Skin Care Essentials

Skin Care 7

After a weekend of fun in the sun in the Bahamas and then heading off to the cold, dry weather in NJ, my skin needed a serious detox! The harsh sun and the dry air really left my skin feeling and looking a little dull. Not to mention, I’ve been fighting this dang cough and sickness for  three weeks, my skin has really taken a beating. In an effort to detox my skin and get back my glow, I reached for my new favorite skin care essentials.

To get back my glow and rock a fresh face, I just need two products, this exfoliator from European Wax Center and this moisturizer from Benefit.

These two facial products are part of my weekly beauty routine, I use the moisturizer daily to ensure my skin stays hydrated. I use the exfoliate once a week or when in need of a little buff and polish to eliminate dry and dull skin. This is my absolute favorite exfoliating cream because it is so gentle and easy on the skin. This may sound gross, but it is so cool to see how this gentle, non-abrasive exfoliator easily removes dead skin!

Skin Care 9


Wax Center ExfoliatorBenefit Moisturizer


Do you have other skin care essentials that help you achieve a fresh, clean face? I’d love to try them out, let me know in the comments below! 

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How-To Curl Your Hair

Curling Iron

If you follow me on Instagram you already know I just mastered how to curl my hair and I’m getting ready to sail away for my friend’s bachelorette party, so I’m going to be quick and share a few tips on how I finally figured out how to get my hair to hold a curl!

I know my hair can curl, because many hairstylist have been able to curl my hair beautifully. The struggle has been achieving that look on my own! After reading this post from The Every Girl I was determined to try again. The tips from The Every Girl were so helpful because it broke it down based on length of hair and desired look.


A few things I did to achieve this look with freshly washed hair:

  1. I let may hair air dry till it was 90% dry
  2. Then I hit it with a blow dryer to make sure it was completely dry
  3. Since I had a few errands to run, I pulled it back in a low braid
  4. Once I got back, I curled my hair based on the tips from The Every Girls post, then finished it with this hair spray and this silky dirt cream (a very little goes a long way with Silky Dirt)

Do you have any helpful tips on how to curl your hair? I’d love to know how you achieve luscious curls!

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