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Skin Care 7

After a weekend of fun in the sun in the Bahamas and then heading off to the cold, dry weather in NJ, my skin needed a serious detox! The harsh sun and the dry air really left my skin feeling and looking a little dull. Not to mention, I’ve been fighting this dang cough and sickness for  three weeks, my skin has really taken a beating. In an effort to detox my skin and get back my glow, I reached for my new favorite skin care essentials.

To get back my glow and rock a fresh face, I just need two products, this exfoliator from European Wax Center and this moisturizer from Benefit.

These two facial products are part of my weekly beauty routine, I use the moisturizer daily to ensure my skin stays hydrated. I use the exfoliate once a week or when in need of a little buff and polish to eliminate dry and dull skin. This is my absolute favorite exfoliating cream because it is so gentle and easy on the skin. This may sound gross, but it is so cool to see how this gentle, non-abrasive exfoliator easily removes dead skin!

Skin Care 9


Wax Center ExfoliatorBenefit Moisturizer


Do you have other skin care essentials that help you achieve a fresh, clean face? I’d love to try them out, let me know in the comments below! 

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