Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Groomsmen Gifts 5

Last week I shared the gifts I purchased for my girls, you can read about it here, and now I’m sharing what we got for the guys – it was all about beards and beers! We were all over the place when it came to figuring out the gifts for the groomsmen, we couldn’t really hone in on the best gift. We didn’t want to do bottles of Jack and Coke (although, I’m sure they would have loved it just the same), instead we wanted something that would be good beyond the big day.

Enter, The Art of Shaving!

We loved these already-made gift sets, perfect for all the guys who all happened to be rocking a beard! We paired this gift set with a bottle opener man card, which was a huge hit among the fellas.

Groomsmen Gifts 1

Groomsmen Gifts 3

Beards + Beer Groomsmen Gifts

  • The Art of Shaving Gift Set: here
  • Man Card Bottle Opener: here

And of course, they received a schedule for the wedding day as well – we couldn’t have any of the guys running late 😉

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