Holiday Cards – Free Printable

Holiday Envelope Template 2

I’m slightly freaking out over here, because I still haven’t done any Christmas shopping… like zip, zero, zilch! I did however, write out all of my holiday cards right after Thanksgiving #winning. Until I realized that two weeks have gone by and I’ve yet to address them #yikes! So… I spent the evening addressing (aka printing) all of the envelopes to send out the holiday cards I wrote two weeks ago. As a Christmas gift to all of my friends who are feeling a little behind, overwhelmed, or just procrastinating, this free printable is for YOU!

Download the file and add it to the envelope template in Word to give your holiday cards a little something special.

Download Stamp   Download Template

But hurry, Christmas is next week! And once you got this part done all that’s left is running to the post office, purchasing stamps, and sending out for them to make their way to each recipient #nobigdeal… yeah, right. I’ll let you know if these make it out in time for the holidays 😛

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