Treat Your Self: Spa Day Essentials at Home 

As if I didn’t get enough mud this weekend from cheering on the hubs during the Spartan sprint challenge (4.5 miles and 20 obstacles in a consistent down pour that lasted all week here in south Florida) made cheering him on a sport in itself. It was like intense spectating… dredging thru knee high mud, standing in rain for several hours, waiting for the opportunity to run along side and cheer him on.

After spending the morning outside in the mud I decided to treat myself to a little at-home spa treatment. Focusing on my face, hands and feet I picked up a few essentials from the store to do a little at-home pampering.

Spa Day Essentials

Currently on my list for achieving a spa day at home:

  • Lavender Scented Epsom Salt Bath: CVS
  • Dead Sea Essentials by AHAVA Mud Mask: Target
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion: Target
  • Dead Sea Essentials by AHAVA Sugar Salt Scrub: Target
  • Turbie Twist: Ulta
  • Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer: Ulta

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the mud mask on… trust me there’s no way to make mud masks selfies look good 😛

Mud Mask

The Bamboo Headband I am wearing in this picture is one of my favorite beauty accessories – it holds my hair back as I am washing my face and getting ready. I never travel without it! I originally picked it up from Ulta a few years back, but they no longer carry it, you can purchase it here or here instead.

I really loved how quick and easy it was to treat myself. The mud mask only requires 2 minutes to let sit, making it a perfect weekly routine regardless of the day. I used the Spongeables for my feet, followed by a sugar salt scrub including my legs. I spent a total of 30 minutes pampering myself and once I was done I felt like a whole new woman. It’s so important to remember to take a little time for ourselves, especially when we are busy running around this time of year. I’m thinking this will become a weekly routine, it may even be a great DIY gift basket for someone on your holiday list who could use a little time for themselves.

How often do you do treat yourself? And what essentials are part of your at-home spa treatment? 

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One thought on “Treat Your Self: Spa Day Essentials at Home 

  1. Hi! Just thought I’d drop you a comment to let you know I really enjoyed going through your post! very cool, interesting (and stylish too!)
    Keep it up!
    Come check out my blog if you get the chance, would love to know what you think!
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. Love face masks too!


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