National Running Day: I run because….

A thousand miles quote

Today is National Running Day, get up and go for a run!

My run today may have been a quick and easy 3 miler, but at least it was something. It helped me shake off the kinks from yesterday’s workout (yeah, that circuit kicked my butt!), but it got me moving and I feel great! A college runner turned leisure jogger there are many reasons I run and in honor of National Running Day here’s my top 20 reasons:

I run because…

  1. I can
  2. there are people who can’t
  3. it clears my mind
  4. I love cake
  5. it’s fun (I know all runners are weird – who thinks it’s fun to run?! THIS GIRL!)
  6. it helps me work up a sweat
  7. I can explore new areas
  8. I love to eat
  9. it helps me think
  10. it helps me stay fit (mentally + physically)
  11. it strengthens me
  12. I can be outside
  13. it is relaxing
  14. it’s a challenge
  15. it helps my back
  16. of the community
  17. the confidence it provides
  18. to chase my dreams
  19. I really really like dessert
  20. it teaches us to keep moving forward one step at a time… especially in the most painful moments

One more reason I love running… I met my husband through running 😉

Here’s my view from this morning’s run:


So don’t wait, I gave you my reasons why I love running, go out there and run! But before you go, share the reasons why you run in the comments below!

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