Engagement Photo Shoot + Our Save the Date

I am ecstatic with the way our engagement photos came out, we had over 200 photos to choose from for the save the date and I just couldn’t decide! That’s how much I liked all of our photos!

To say that I am thrilled with our photographer is an understatement, Life and Love Studios has done a phenomenal job! From the first time I met Jay (husband + videographer) at the bridal show, he somehow managed to make me feel at ease and kept the conversation going regardless of the fact that everyone was sardined into the venue. People were pushing and shoving to get to the next booth, but Jay continued to talk to me about how him and his wife work, what they do and the beautiful moments they capture. Upon our first meeting with both Alison (wife + photographer) and Jay, we sat there and talked for more than 2 hours. They got to know us, how we met, what we did, what we enjoyed and vice versa.

We decided to do our engagement shoot almost a year to the date of our wedding day, it was a gorgeous spring day in St. Augustine and Alison was such a pleasure to work with during the shoot. Here’s a preview of some of the photos:
Engagement Photo Shoot Collage
Photo Credit: Alison Neumark from Life & Love Studios 

We used Minted.com for the save the dates, I love the quality of their paper and fell in love with the gold foil love design! Check it out:

IMG_2215 IMG_2217

Minted.com even reached out to us, asking to use our save the date photo on their website : D  – all the credit goes to Alison for capturing such a beautiful picture!

 I can’t thank Alison enough for these incredible photos!

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