Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie


Smoothies are great for so many reasons, they are quick and easy, delicious, healthy  options for breakfast on-the-go post workout or even an afternoon snack pre workout. I love coming back from a morning run and making a smoothie to recover and start my day! It’s just so delicious and filling, especially when you add protein powder and L-Glutamine for recovery. I personally love the consistency of a Jamba Juice Smoothie and have been looking for the right mixture to create the perfect at home recipe. After many attempts I think I have found the right combination to create that smooth consistency I was looking for.




Mix all of the ingredients in a blender (btw – I love the way the Ninja blender works, I highly recommend it!), to make the smoothie, you can always substitute some of the items like water instead of milk.

Make sure to blend it enough to get the right consistency, once completed, pour and enjoy!


Let me know what you think and if you have variations for similar smoothies, I am always looking for new recipes to try!

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